Self service Micro Stores powered by AI in Hotels and Offices

KartNGo is a retail & technology company, we built and operate autonomous stores, our approach is based on simplicity, our stores mimic the real life shopping experience, users select items and then do a self checkout using our Kiosk devices and pay with credit card, mada, STCpay, and KartNGo digital wallet.



We are open 24/7 to serve you, your employees and your clients

No more delivery

Our self-service micro-stores are baked-in hotels and offices, rendering food and grocery delivery obsolete


We support multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, mada, STCpay and KartNGo digital wallet

Fresh Food

We offer fresh and healthy food and other products such as snacks, protein bars, drinks and mobile accessories


We are a sustainable retail solution focus in less transportation, local labor and recycling


We develop advanced software & hardware and AI technologies for our autonomous stores.

Example Stores

Aramco – Gym

KAUST- Building 18

Our Partners